Now Listed, Bellarri Sterling Silver & 18K Pink Gold Amethyst Cabochon & Peridot Ring, For Only $429...

Site Updated 4/30/16


UPDATE 4/29/16: We will be adding a couple of Bellarri sterling rings over the next few days - the one you see pictured above, and the 3-amethyst ring featured on our Bellarri Highlights page. But other than these, it's slim-pickings in Bellarri sterling selection. I don't think we will be adding much - most of our dealer partners focus on Bellarri 18K and that's where our focus has been as well - nnd as you can see our selection is dwindling rapidly. If there's something you've been watching on our Sterling page, it's in your best interests to avoid procrastination. Let us know what you like, we'll do our best to help you add it to your collection at a great price. And if you don't see the new Bellarri rings on the Sterling page, be sure to refresh your web browser.







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