Happy Thanksgiving to All!

Site Updated 11/27/14

STICKY UPDATE: Our all-week-long why-wait-for-Black-Friday sale is in full swing. If you missed the details, here you go!

UPDATE 11/26/14: Dawn and I just want everyone to know how grateful and thankful we are - not just for your support of our little business enterprise, but your friendship as well. The messages and cards we received after our Paris wedding were very touching, and we fully appreciate how lucky we are to have so many great friends around the country, and that includes the dealers who entrust their Bellarri and Michele inventory to us. We love what we do here at AFW, and we hope all of you wake up smiling as often as we do. Happy Thanksgiving to everyone!

UPDATE 11/24/14: The new Bellarri will be coming fast and furious the next 2 weeks - we're ready for the holidays, and stocked up with new goodies to make your celebrations sparkly (and we'll have some great offerings to help out our gentlemen friends who need some good ideas and options!).

First up is the gorgeous "Europa" Collection Bellarri 18K white gold .25ct G/H VS diamond ring shown above, with hearts around the top setting. Only $649! No, that's not a typo - Dawn and I have been raiding dealer showcases across the country, and we've come up with some great pieces for you. This one is beautiful, it's dynamic, it's sizeable, and like most of the Europa pieces it's limited (only 4 of these were ever made). It's also in hand ready to go so call or write if you'd like to make it yours!























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