Just In...Bellarri "Visions" 14K Yellow Gold & "Apple-Cut" Madeira Citrine Only $489...Call or Write to Claim It!

Site Updated 8/4/15


UPDATE 8/3/15: We'll be adding many new "Visions" Collection pieces this week - both single items and suites. If something catches your eye, let us know. You don't have to wait for photos and payment buttons to be added!

STICKY UPDATE: Attention Bellarri collectors...if you've got $2K burning a hole in your pocket, and you'd like a new ring that is incredibly beautiful, very rare, of very limited production, and not-yet-retired...and that nobody else has, drop us a line. Because it's not retired we can't post it on the site, but if you're in the market and ready to go, we have a standout piece...