Welcome Bellarri Lovers!

Site Updated 8/30/14

Anvil Fine Wares is your first choice for the best selection of "retired" Bellarri 18K All-Natural-Gemstone jewelry creations!

UPDATE 8/30/14: Just in...some Bellarri 18K that you'll rarely see in the United States...pieces from the "Europa" Collection made for Bellarri retailers in France and Italy. Our first offering is a gorgeous 18K yellow gold ring reminiscent of that famous landmark in Paris's 8th Arrondissement. The top of the ring features 2 carats of rubies. It's now available for only $1695 and will be listed soon - call or write if you can't wait!

UPDATE 8/28/14: Be sure to refresh your browser on each page, so you can see the most current grid and keep track of what's sold and what is still available.