Presenting A "Bubbles" Blue Topaz + Campomaggi Turquoise Leather Special Offer...

Site Updated 3/30/15


UPDATE 3/23/15: If you like the idea of our Campomaggi + Mademoiselle Necklace offer, but the bag we've chosen doesn't quite get your juices flowing, let us know. We're going to open it up a little, with some new black & red options, and give customers their choice of Campomaggi. Drop us a line or call us, and we'll give you the scoop on your Campomaggi options - we think you'll like what we've found.

UPDATE 3/23/15: If you've been eyeing any of the following Bellarri rings...

R6768W/A, R7220W/BT, R6886/SQC, R5413W/A, R7407/CM, R8029/CM

...drop us a line, as we're looking to move these particular items and we have some pricing flexibility but pricing will be dependent on whether you need the ring sized and by how much.









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