Bellarri's 18K Pink Gold, Rhodolite Garnet & White Diamond "La Bouquet" Ring Now Listed...

Site Updated 5/23/16


UPDATE 5/20/16: We recently sold a "La Bouquet" pendant in white gold with green tourmaline, the G1112W/GT enhancer. We think we can get another in green tourmaline, and possibly another in pink gold with rhodolite garnet. Drop us a line if you're looking for either of those colorways in that specific piece, I think we can make that happen.

UPDATE 5/17/16: If you've been eyeing the "Visions" rings and want a little nudge, drop us a line or give us a call. We'd like to sell a few and we may be able to give your piggy bank a little relief. Let us know which one you're hot for and we'll help make it happen!







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