Another One-of-a-Kind...Bellarri "Secrets" 18K Pink Gold, Faceted Smoky Quartz, and White Diamond Sprinkles, Only $1595 Listing Soon

Site Updated 9/29/16


UPDATE 9/29/16: If you love rare one-off, one-of-a-kind Bellarri creations, AND you love HUGE hoop earrings, AND you love the Marietta/Mademoiselle Collections, we have something very special to show you. We won't get them listed until next week, but we just took photos and would love to show them off. Email us and we'll send them right over!

UPDATE 9/29/16: October looks to be another exciting month of Bellarri, with everything from "Hava" pendants to "Mademoiselle" enhancers with removable chandelier drops to one-of-a-kind jumbo (and we do mean JUMBO) "Marietta" Collection hoop earrings with large rhodolite flower dangles. And we'll throw in a little white gold & pink tourmaline "Romantica" and "Alexa" pearl & gemstone artistry for good measure. We hope you'll keep visiting, and we'll keep giving you pretty things to drool over!





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