Welcome Bellarri Lovers!

Site Updated 4/20/14


Anvil Fine Wares is your first choice for the best selection of "retired" Bellarri 18K All-Natural-Gemstone jewelry creations!

STICKY UPDATE: Customers liked our Bellarri sterling "risk-free in-home-trial" idea so much, we're making it a permanent thing! Buy ANY Bellarri sterling item, and if you don't love it, you can return it, and we'll even reimburse your shipping costs. That's how sure we are that you're going to love Bellarri's sterling creations.

UPDATE 4/20/14: And it's on! For the next 5 hours, starting at 5pm EST today, we're having a groovy little sale on Bellarri sterling. Great pieces at some really nice prices, but only for today. The payment buttons are the same - go ahead and make the purchase, and we'll refund the savings back to you (too time consuming to change all the payment buttons for a 5 hour sale). Plus, with every purchase of a Bellarri sterling item, you get a $50 credit off your next Bellarri 18K purchase! So great savings now, plus great savings for later - sweet!

UPDATE 4/13/14: Just an update regarding the "Heartbleed" software bug that everyone's talking about. We do not use any open-source code (where the "Heartbleed" vulnerability was discovered) on our website, and we don't use any shopping cart software. When you pay, you do so directly on PayPal or, because our payment links take you directly to those payment gateways (and both PayPal and have announced they are clean), rather than keeping you here and collecting that data here. We do not collect or save any personal information or credit card info on our site. You're safe here! Once again, our site may be simple and uncomplicated, but oftentimes simple ends up being a good thing.

UPDATE 3/25/14: Yes, we can get chains & cords, sterling & gold, all styles & shapes, multiple lengths, brand new and retail fresh - just let us know what you need and let us dazzle you with lower prices and to-your-front-door service!