Bellarri's Sterling "Bubbles" Rings In Your Choice of 3 Colors, with Real 18K Pink Gold, All-Natural Gemstones and White Diamonds Only $549 Each...

Site Updated 8/23/16


UPDATE 8/21/16: We wish to thank everyone who participated in our Bixby-fest yesterday, it was great to re-connect with so many of our old Bixby friends. It's been too long! We still have a few Bixby items left, and wave #2 of inventory is coming soon so stay tuned...

UPDATE 8/16/16: Important note for Bellarri ring buyers...due to strong sales and a huge dealer request backlog, Bellarri ring sizings will have a turnaround of 2-4 weeks for the foreseeable future. We'll update as they catch up and this window shrinks back to the usual 1-2 weeks we've grown accustomed to.



Hot News!

  • 8/12/16: Bellarri "Jezabelle" pendant with 18" chain is SOLD
  • 8/11/16: Bellarri "La Petite" ring R8703PG/BT is SOLD