Bellarri's 18K "Mademoiselle" Enhancer Brooch...

Site Updated 12/21/14


UPDATE 12/21/14: Are you looking for something a Bellarri necklace? If so, drop me a the process of searching for a special request necklace for a customer, we've uncovered a few others. If you're looking, you'll definitely want to see what we've found, so call or write!

UPDATE 12/19/14: To all the gentlemen out there who are looking for some guidance on a sparkly gift for a loved one, let us know if you need help. We'll help you find the right gift - and we can express-ship right up through Tuesday December 23rd. Call or write anytime, we're at your service...

UPDATE 12/17/14: Every PS129 Bellarri sterling enhancer we've ever seen or had in our store has been faceted, but we just found something unusual...a PS129 with a large, unfaceted, cabachon amethyst. We'll be listing it for only $349. If you're interested and would like some photos before the listing is up, just drop us a line.


























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