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Campomaggi Gothic Cognac Silver Metallic Vintage Aged Vachetta Leather Tote NWT

Campomaggi Gothic Cognac Silver Metallic Vintage Aged Vachetta Leather Tote NWT


Brand new with tags attached + Campomaggi drawstring dustbag + Campomaggi Cleaning & Care Kit!


We are absolutely over the moon about these new Gothic totes!  We've actually carried several different bag variations from the Gothic design family over the years so this is not a new Campomaggi design for us.  When we ordered samples in both gold and silver we weren't expecting to be too surprised, but we were in the best way.   


These full-size shoppers not only make great day bags and great shoppers for a Saturday morning trip to the farmer's market, but they're also large enough to be your weekend carry-on for a quickie getaway.   And because of the simple design, they're so easy to manage and get things in and out, especially if it's at your feet and you're in a cramped airline coach seat.


The best part about these, however, is the vintage aging - it's some of the best we've ever seen in terms of bag-to-bag variation and uniqueness.   The base color for these, in both the gold and silver varieties we're stocking, is Campomaggi's caramel-hued "Cognac".   But contrasting against the cognac is metallic silver or gold, plus the concentric array of hand-hammered studs on the front of each bag.   The metallic silver/gold + Cognac creates a sort of "rusty metal" appearance that gives the bags an aged, almost industrial appearance.   However you describe it, each one is its own conversation piece.


They measure a full 15" tall x 16.5" wide/long, and over 5" wide across the flat bottoms.  The carry handles have a drop of over 5" and each bag comes with a removable crossbody strap.   


The interiors are also very interesting, with a combination of raw leather and canvas lining.  On one side you have a big zippered pocket, with leather slip pocket and multiple pen/pencil holders.  On the other, close enough to the top that it can be lifted out and be accessible outside the bag (but fixed to the bag), is an accessory compartment with aged Vachetta leather lid with metallic overlay appearance.  

About Our Love for Campomaggi...


Our long-time customers know we've had a Campomaggi fetish since discovering Marco Campomaggi's leather creations while visiting Paris in 2014, and since then we've partnered with Campomaggi over the years for various customer rewards and promotions.   We always have a few extra in our stash that we can offer for purchase on our website.   


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