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Campomaggi Grigio Vachetta Leather Cartella Unisex Pocketed Brief Crossbody

Campomaggi Grigio Vachetta Leather Cartella Unisex Pocketed Brief Crossbody


Brand new with tags attached + Campomaggi drawstring dustbag + Campomaggi Cleaning & Care Kit!


Eric really didn't want to list this bag.  Eric wanted to keep it.  He still wants to keep it, but he can't keep everything, so to our customers we present a sweet Campomaggi business brief in a sumptuous Grigio Vachetta leather.


Grigio, as all of our well-traveled customers know, is Grey in Italian.   However, for Campomaggi "Grigio" signifies a far more complex color.  In person it really looks like a charcoal color with undertones of chocolate brown.   You wouldn't be wrong to call it brown, until you saw one of Campomaggi's actual Brown ("Moro") bags and then you can see the difference between the two colors.  Campomaggi's Grigio is one of their best colors because of how it presents - grey/charcoal/brown/chocolate, depending on the angle and lighting.  


This bag is shaped like a briefcase or laptop bag, only slightly smaller in size, but still very much a unisex bag.  In addition to the large, main compartment there are multiple pockets on the front.  The main front pocket has the Campomaggi Teodorano embossed logo, and the bottom right front pocket is actually a removable eye/sunglasses case.   Additionally, there's a large full-length zippered pocket on the bag of the bag.  And inside the main compartment you'll find yet one more zippered pocket.  It's the essence of storage versatility.  


In addition to the dual rounded handles there's a removable crossbody strap.


The bag measures 15.5" long x over 11" tall and easily fills and expands to 4" deep at the bottom.



About Our Love for Campomaggi...


Our long-time customers know we've had a Campomaggi fetish since discovering Marco Campomaggi's leather creations while visiting Paris in 2014, and since then we've partnered with Campomaggi over the years for various customer rewards and promotions.   We always have a few extra in our stash that we can offer for purchase on our website.   


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