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Campomaggi Secchiello Rust Orange Fringed Piccola Bucket Crossbody Bag NWT

Campomaggi Secchiello Rust Orange Fringed Piccola Bucket Crossbody Bag NWT


Brand new with tags attached + Campomaggi drawstring dustbag 


This Campomaggi is small, but so groovy and hip.   And even though it does have a fringe design, you don't need to be a cowgirl, or a cowperson, or live on a farm, or like cows or even like dairy products to look sexy carrying this.   


It measures only about 5" tall x 6.5" wide, with a 4" diameter bottom.  It perfect for evenings out, where all you want to deal with lugging around is your phone, credit card, a few dollars to tip the pole dancers, and some breath mints...just in case.     The interior is cotton lined, and it closes with a leather-trimmed drawstring design.    The included crossbody strap is both removable and adjustable.   And in case you were wondering, the fringe tassels measure about 8-9" long.


Of course, the highlight is the beautiful metal work across the front.  And the color is one of our new favs - it's a very dark orange.  It has enough red to the tone to give it a deep tangerine flavor, so it's a deep orange, but it's also dark enough that in low light it can appear like a rust color.    We highly recommend Campomaggi's orange, and Dawn owns 2 Campomaggis in the same color herself.


About Our Love for Campomaggi...


Our long-time customers know we've had a Campomaggi fetish since discovering Marco Campomaggi's leather creations while visiting Paris in 2014, and since then we've partnered with Campomaggi over the years for various customer rewards and promotions.   We always have a few extra in our stash that we can offer for purchase on our website.   


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