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Caterina Lucchi Italy Leather & Suede Aqua Green Reversible Crossbody Bag

Caterina Lucchi Italy Leather & Suede Aqua Green Reversible Crossbody Bag


Brand new with tags attached + storage dustbag!


Introducing Caterina Lucchi leather accessories!  Who is Caterina Lucchi?  She just happens to be Marco Campomaggi's wife.  That's right, a husband and wife leatherworking team, each with their own company making handmade leather goods in Italy.


The big difference between their designs is that whereas many Campomaggis are often unisex,  favoring rugged utility over design, Caterina Lucchi designs all of her bags, wallets and accessories with much more of a feminine flair.  The designs are funkier and the color palette is broader.   


This bag is one of the more interesting items we'll be listing from Caterina Lucchi, because of how versatile - and reversible - it is.  It starts with a combination of butter-smooth Vachetta Leather and Suede in a Sea Green color.  We called it "aqua" in the title to save space, but really it's a light Sea Green color.  In some lighting, or our photos, it can almost look like baby blue, but the hue is definitely on the green side.  And if you are a fan of Aquamarine gems, this bag would make a perfect accessory partner.


It's reversible in that it shows two different leather design patterns.  One one side (as well as on the side panels) it shows a Craquelure pattern to the leather, and on the other side an alligator skin pattern.  The bag also features strap loops on both sides of the bag, with both a small removable shoulder handle and a removable crossbody strap.  Which means it can be worn all of these ways:


- folded over, small size, Craquelure pattern showing, small strap attached or longer crossbody strap attached

- folded over, small size, Alligator pattern showing, small strap or longer crossbody strap attached

- unfolded, expanded to full super-roomy size, small strap or longer crossbody strap attached to the Alligator side so that becomes the back and the Craquelure becomes the show-me side

- unfolded, expanded to super-roomy lets-go-to-market size, small strap or longer crossbody strap attached to the Craquelure side so that the Alligator becomes the look-at-me side.


We also included photos showing the bag both folded and unfolded so you can visually appreciate the difference in size and presentation.


It is a slightly distressed presentation as well.  Not used - it's brand new with tags attached - but distressed as part of the design.  You'll see we included a closeup photo of the metal trim around the opening and where it looks aged, as do the crossover snap-shut brass-finish balls at the opening.


Inside you'll find a full cotton lining, with two slip pockets and a zippered pocket that runs the entire length of the bag.


When folded over it measures less than 7" tall, and when unfolded it measures twice that, a full 13" tall.  It measures over 14" wide across the bottom.


About Our Love for Campomaggi (and Caterina's designs as well)...


Our long-time customers know we've had a Campomaggi fetish since discovering Marco Campomaggi's leather creations while visiting Paris in 2014, and since then we've partnered with Campomaggi over the years for various customer rewards and promotions.   We always have a few extra in our stash that we can offer for purchase on our website.


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