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Pre-Owned 14K YG Pink Sapphire Multi-Strand Pearl Bracelet 6.5"

Pre-Owned 14K YG Pink Sapphire Multi-Strand Pearl Bracelet 6.5"


Anvil Fine Wares Price: $895 in Superb Pre-Owned Condition!


This beautiful vintage piece features eight (8) strands of 4-5mm white seed pearls with fantastic color and lustre, all culminating in a large solid 14K yellow gold carved & textured flower centerpiece that is decorated with a cluster of natural Pink Sapphires.


The centerpiece itself weighs almost 12 grams of 14K yellow gold and measures .95" x .95" and almost .5" thick including the Sapphire setting.  We included a closeup photo of the flower centerpiece so you can appreciate the gold detail work.


The bracelet has a total physical length, measured flat and straight on a table, of just over 7" but in practical, wearable terms it is sized for wrists up to 6.5".   It will fit a 6.6" wrist, but anything above 6.6" and it's going to be tight or too small.  At anything below 6.5" it gets looser and has more play.  The perfect wrist size is 6.3-6.5", and we measured that on actual wrists to confirm fit.


The width across the pearl strands is approximately 1.25" and we included a photo with a 25 cent Washington quarter for visual size perspective.


Because of the heavy weight of the solid gold flower centerpiece, melt value of just the gold alone - never mind the value of the pearls or sapphires - is over $525.


As you can see by our photos it's in wonderful condition, ready to wear.


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