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Pre-Owned 18K White Gold Kunzite & White Diamond Ring Size 7

Pre-Owned 18K White Gold Kunzite & White Diamond Ring Size 7


Anvil Fine Wares Price: $995 in Superb Pre-Owned Condition!


As soon as we saw this in our dealer-partner's showcase we grabbed it and ran!   We don't often get a chance to acquire large carat weight Kunzite, and especially not at this price.  Our dealer partner had it marked for $1195 on the tag, though we're offering it for $200 less at $995.   For price reference, Bellarri has just recently started designing "Forever Young" pieces with Kunzite, but those rings retail at double the price of this ring even with Kunzites that are a small fraction of the size of this big beauty.


This ring features a solid 18K White Gold setting with a huge, flat-tabled, faceted-pavilion natural Kunzite weighing 18.56ct.   It's surrounded by 36 round brilliant cut White Diamonds totaling .41ctw and boasting I color and I1-2 clarity.   The top setting measures over a full inch long x .8" wide with a rise of almost half an inch.  It also weighs 11.3 grams, more than a third of an ounce. You can see that we've provided a photo of the ring next to a 25 cent Washington quarter - it's a conversation piece in every way.


For those just discovering this gemstone, it was discovered by geologist George Kunz in 1902 and is now mined in California, Afghanistan, Brazil and Madagascar.  Like Iolite, Kunzite is pleochroic meaning that it changes color as its viewed from different angles.  With this ring, view it from the side profile and like Iolite it looks as clear as water.


It's also important to emphasize that Kunzite's color can be enhanced through heat treatment, though that is a temporary effect - the color will usually eventually wear off.  This particular Kunzite has not been heat-treated, and the color you see is the color you'll continue to enjoy.


The ring itself is in superb pre-owned condition, no embarrassments, no issues, no problems.  You will notice vertical striations in the Kunzite - these are NOT scratches or blemishes on the surface of the stone or on the pavilion.  These are natural vertical inclusions in the stone - this is not a lab-created stone.


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