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If you love Bellarri, you're going to develop a serious crush on us...

Eric and Dawn Owners of Anvil Fine Wares and Specialists in Bellarri Jewelry Since 2012

Anvil Fine Wares Inc. is a family-run, fully licensed and registered corporation based out of Chandler, Arizona. In addition to being able to offer current Bellarri 14K & 18K natural-gemstone jewelry from any of Bellarri's many styles and collections - if Bellarri makes it we can get it for you - we've also been the largest seller of retired/discontinued Bellarri in the United States for the last 10 years, so if you're a Bellarri fan and collector you've found your paradise!

We got our start helping affluent individuals sell their personal jewelry, timepiece, and coin collections on eBay, and then expanded into helping jewelry stores liquidate the many jewelry and estate items they receive as trade-ins towards new retail purchases. Our jewelry store partners liked our service so much that our relationships then expanded further to include liquidations of entire product lines, as well as helping successful stores clear overstock inventory.

We've been selling on eBay since 1999, and via our own website since 2010.  Our first website was created when we were tasked with helping several of our jewelry dealer partners liquidate their Barbara Bixby Couture inventories, and we knew we could list inventory on the website faster than we could on eBay. Our Bixby Couture program was so successful - more than 1500 pieces sold in 3+ years - that our jewelry partners offered us the opportunity to help them with their "retired" Bellarri 18K inventory.

Bellarri refreshes her product line and adds new designs every year, and to keep her current product catalog from growing too large she retires old designs as she introduces new ones. Of course, most jewelry stores like to have the latest designs in stock, to mirror what's being shown on the "red carpet" and in the fashion magazines.  But bringing in the new designs requires showcase space, which means finding homes for the outgoing "retired" designs - and that's where we come in.

Our online-only business model allows us to be a lean, mean Bellarri machine so we not only offer lightning-fast service but also the lowest prices in the country.  All of our Bellarri is retail-new and showcase-fresh or straight from Bellarri's vault.  And as an authorized Bellarri dealer we can also offer our customers full Bellarri sizing, repair and refurbishing services.   If something unfortunate happens to the Bellarri you've purchased from us, we can help get it fixed, adjusted, or brought back to factory-new condition.

Additonally, we also offer Bellarri consignment services.   If you find that some of your Bellarri spends more time in the jewelry box than out of the house and you'd like to sell it to fund new Bellarri purchases, we can help.    

We look forward to sharing your affinity for Bellarri, thanks for stopping by!


Eric & Dawn
Anvil Fine Wares Inc.
Phone: 480.706.3229
Instagram: anvilfinewaresbellarri

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