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AFW Store Policies

Everything You Need to Know, And If We Missed Something Just Ask!

Sales Tax:   Only Arizona residents pay sales tax!   Purchasers from all 49 other US states pay no sales tax, no matter what you buy, as long as it's shipping to any state but Arizona.

FREE Shipping on EVERYTHING, ALWAYS!   That's right, you never pay shipping costs on our site unless you need expedited shipping and request special services.   Anything that ships on our normal schedule, no matter how little or how much it costs, ships FREE within the 50 US states.

Returns on Non-Layaway Purchases (UPDATED 6/18/22):  Because our business model is different from most brick & mortar retailers - we're selling our Bellarri at wholesale prices instead of full retail - our return policy is more restrictive than that of sellers charging full retail.   All purchases can be returned within 7 calendar days of receipt and will incur a re-stock fee of the greater of $50 or 10%, UNLESS the item is returned for store credit or exchange towards another item of equal or similar value in which case there is no restock fee. 


Returns on Layaway Purchases:  There are no returns on layaways.  Once a layaway is initiated and deposit paid, that layaway becomes non-reversible.   Our layaway is the most lenient and generous you'll find - we charge no interest, no fees, no expenses, and we don't set pre-determined payment deadlines.  It's an "honor system" in the purest sense of the term.  In exchange for such a generous layaway policy, we ask that customers understand that once a layaway is initiated, it is non-reversible.   If you run into personal circumstances that require that you take a month off from making a payment, it's no problem, just talk to us.    

Ring Sizing:   Because we are an authorized Bellarri retailer our customers have access to full Bellarri sizing services.  Additionally, unlike many of our competitors, we do not use sizing service as a profit center - we only charge what Bellarri charges us.  You never pay any more for sizing than it has cost us for the service.   Most sizings between 7 and 9.5 will cost between $50-75 depending on the complexity of the setting and amount of adjustment required.  Sizings below 5 and above 10 may cost $100-125.  Just let us know what you need. 


Please note that once a ring has been sized, whether a layaway or non-layaway purchase, that sale is FINAL.  There are no refunds, cancellations or exchanges once a ring has been sized. 

Repair Services:   As an authorized Bellarri retailer we can offer customers access to all of Bellarri's repair and refurbishing services.   Things happen, whether you accidentally drop a ring and crack a stone, or bang a bracelet against a desk and damage a setting, that's life and we're happy to help you get through it.   And as above with ring sizings, we do not use repairs as a profit center - we only charge customers what it costs for the repair itself, plus the shipping cost to return the item to the customer.   You'll never pay more for a repair than the actual material and labor costs Bellarri charges us.   

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