We love these "Fresco" designs!   And we just got an update from Bellarri, and she still has a few in stock in several different colorways, including the Amethyst + Multi-Gem.  And they're less expensive than we thought.   Drop us a line for more details, and hopefully we can get our hands on a couple for some in-hand photos asap.

We know what you're thinking..."Wait, that's a Campomaggi!  What is that doing on a Bellarri jewelry site?"   Not only do we love Bellarri jewelry, but we also love Campomaggi leather goods and have ever since a trip to Paris in 2014.  To share this enthusiasm with customers we've done some fun promotions over the years and we're doing another one right now.   Purchase the "Carmen" 18K Smoky Quartz ring just added and get this gorgeous chocolate-brown Vachetta leather Campomaggi bag FREE.   It's retail-new, just like our Bellarri and there's no catch.  Buy the ring, get the bag, just because that's how we roll!

Presenting Bellarri's "Forever Young" Collection, featuring rings, pendants and earrings available in multiple shapes with Prasiolite, Peridot, Red Garnet, Amethyst, Swiss Blue Topaz, London Blue Topaz, Aquamarine and Morganite at prices ranging from $895 up to $1795.  To give you even more choices, while certain gemstone come standard in Rose, White or Yellow Gold, you can order any gemstone with any color of 14K gold, creating endless combinations and possibilities.   Call or email for more details and to add some beautiful Bellarri color to your jewelry box.