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Pre-Owned Bellarri 18K "Mosiac" Collection Multi-Gem Pendant PLEASE READ

Pre-Owned Bellarri 18K "Mosiac" Collection Multi-Gem Pendant PLEASE READ


Anvil Fine Wares Price: $1095 in Excellent Pre-Owned Condition


This is a Bellarri "Mosaic" Collection 18K Multi-Gem enhancer pendant with NON-ORIGINAL BAIL


We don't know the story behind this, but at some point the original bail was replaced with the diamond-adorned bail you see in the photos.  The diamonds on the new bail are very nice, so whomever did the work didn't use poor diamonds, but this piece is no longer what we'd consider fully original. 


The lower section, the actual gemstone setting, is still perfect and unaltered, and in superb condition as well.   Not only is it well-preserved, and with gemstones in superb condition, but all of the gemstones are deeply saturated and clear.  Additionally, the filigree on the reverse shows that it is an original Bellarri Mosaic pendant.  There's nothing wrong with the setting itself, if you don't mind a non-original bail.  


In fact, if you've always wanted to add the "Mosaic" pendant to your collection but didn't want to pay the high cost (current retail almost $5000, and even on our site it would sell for $2500-3000) this is a great way to get a "Mosaic" pendant at a very deep discount.


It measures  1.35" all including the bail x .75" wide and it weighs 10.5 grams.


**Price shown is for payment by credit/debit cards through PayPal or Square.   To save 3% off your purchase you can also pay with any fee-free method such as Zelle, Venmo, PayPal Friends & Family or Cashier's Check.   If we save the fees you get that back and save 3%!   Call or text us @ 480.706.3229 or email us @ to capture 3% cash savings on your purchase.

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