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Pre-Owned Bellarri "Hava" 18K YG Green Tourmaline Jumbo Pendant

Pre-Owned Bellarri "Hava" 18K YG Green Tourmaline Jumbo Pendant


Anvil Fine Wares Price: $3695 Pre-Owned in Excellent Condition


Collection: "Hava"


Bellarri Style Code:   G846/GT


Just in on consignment, a rare jumbo-sized pendant from Bellarri's original "Hava" collection, in the hardest-to-find colorway.   


There's a reason we use the word "jumbo" in the description.  Bellarri's "Hava" collection has lasted several generations, and in this first generation she created pendants in three different sizes.   The small was more of a charm sized pendant.  The medium was a good sized pendant that fit most budgets and was big enough to "show off".   The jumbo size, the one we are listing here, was not only the most dynamic but also by far the most expensive - this piece retailed for $10K ten years and about 15 price increases ago.     If the market for high-quality natural Green Tourmaline wasn't so tight, and if Bellarri still had the gold mold to create this again (it no longer exists), it would retail for more than $15K in today's market.


It starts with a solid 18K Yellow Gold setting, with heavy and ornate filigree on the reverse leading to a total weight of 14.3 grams, almost half an ounce.  It features a whopping 19.45 carats of all-natural, earth-mined and color-matched Green Tourmaline in two different cuts:   the center stones are flat-tabled and scalloped-crown Mystique Cuts, and the outer stones are faceted Lifesaver Candy cuts.  A total of 16 points / .16ctw of VS clarity and G color White Diamonds decorates both the center setting and the entire bail.   


It measures 2" tall x 1.25" wide across the corners of the setting, side to side.    The bail opens and is large enough for even the thickest chains, cords and chokers you may wish to use.   It's even large enough to fit over and between many pearl necklaces - even Baroque-sized pearls - so that you can use this not only as a solo pendant but also use it to decorate necklaces you already own.   In fact, in Bellarri's own catalog photo, this exact pendant is paired with a gold Baroque pearl necklace to create an incredible presentation.


This particular specimen is in fantastic condition.  Under magnification you can see minute surface marks on the gold ring on the front of the pendant, but most importantly all of the Tourmaline gems look superb.  The piece isn't new, but it looks fantastic and will be the centerpiece of many jewelry collections.


Our linguaphiles may find it interesting that in many ancient and contemporary languages, "Hava" translates to "Eve".   


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