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Vivi Deliciis - Let's Talk Lamb...

Updated: Aug 13, 2022

Welcome back, Bellarri jewelry fans and friends, it's time to reconnect and talk about...a Lamb. But first, the answer to the question "where does your blog name come from?".

A couple of blog posts ago Dawn and I highlighted the Kanopy movie streaming service for our cinema-loving friends out there. One move on Kanopy, that you can watch for FREE right now, is one of our favorite horror movies of the last 20 years, "The Witch". In that movie, the devil comes to visit the farm where a poor family is being terrorized guessed it, the local neighborhood Witch. And the devil invites the oldest daughter to join the local Witches Union by asking, "Wouldst thou like to live deliciously?" It's a great line, delivered perfectly, and the movie itself is fantastic - though I confess I needed to turn on subtitles to understand all of the New England Old English dialogue. If you haven't seen it yet, we highly recommend it - but we'd love to know if we're alone in needing subtitles for English so please feel free to comment below.

Now let's get to the Lamb part of this engagement. A movie we just saw that left us utterly perplexed, if not disappointed, was "Lamb" with Swedish actress Noomi Rapace. This movie features THE perfect setup for a horror/suspense film. It's set on an isolated farm, way out in the country, surrounded by grey mountains and endless cloudy, gloomy days. It features a story idea that has not been done for decades - to my memory, a close parallel might be "Rosemary's Baby" almost 55 years ago, but it's very different from storyline. So, "Lamb" has originality on its side as well. And with Noomi Rapace, it has an A-list actress whom we loved in "Prometheus" - who hasn't watched wide-eyed as she nailed the Cesarean Section scene in that Alien prequel? Everything was in place for "Lamb" to join the Pantheon of great, memorable horror/suspense films. Yet, while the plot reveal comes early enough in the movie that there's plenty of time to re-build tension and suspense around what is going to happen to this unusual baby lamb (that's not a spoiler!) we don't actually get anything resembling an "Oh my god!" moment until around 125 minutes into the 136-minute film. And just ends. The first words out of my mouth - literally - as the credits rolled were, "how could they waste such an incredible plot idea and setup?" Dawn's reaction was the same. Great plot idea, filming location, casting, the movie was shot beautifully with memorable cinematography but...that's all they could do with it? We'd love to hear from others that have seen "Lamb" - did it leave you satisfied? Disappointed? Regretful?

Let us know, and likewise please feel free to chime in and let us know about any other memorable films you've seen recently. Dawn and I love to "live deliciously" by cuddling up on a Saturday night under the blanket and enjoying a great film and we'll take all the good ideas you've got!

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