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Vivi Deliciis - Living Deliciously, By Helping Others Just to Live

Updated: Aug 5, 2022

Hello AFW fans, welcome back and thank you again for your readership and support as we continue our journey into the world of blogging. For those just joining, "Vivi Deliciis" is, loosely, Latin for "living deliciously" as that's the purpose of this blog - sharing ways to enjoy life and feel better. Everyone has surely heard the phrase "it's better to give than to receive", and we can vouch that it's 100% true. Dawn and I have our own particular causes that we support and donate to, and these are, of course, very personal choices. Today's post is a bit of a call to action - a request for help that is more about effort than money and has nothing to do with jewelry.

One of our favorite groups is the Southwest Wildlife Conservation Center here in Scottsdale, Arizona. They focus on helping injured and abandoned wildlife, including housing those animals that cannot be returned to the wild and helping to nurse, rehabilitate and release those that can. In addition to food and veterinary care, one of their ongoing needs is for clean, undamaged bath towels for new and incoming babies and we'd like to make everyone an offer. If you'll send us your unwanted bath towels, we'll not only deliver them to SWWCC but we'll also credit you for your shipping costs with a store credit towards anything on our site, new or used, Bellarri or otherwise. Just ship them to us - drop us a line for our address and instructions - and let us know how much you paid for shipping, and we'll credit that full amount.

The only stipulations are that the towels be free of fraying or holes - we can't risk the babies getting tangled or heads being caught in small holes. Also, hand towels are not needed - bath towels only.

While we'll be the fortunate ones delivering the towels and getting to visit all the furry residents of SWWCC, we hope that during this time of economic and societal stress you will join us in finding comfort in looking outward and helping others to "live deliciously" - with nothing more complicated than just some soft towels in which to snuggle up and fall asleep.

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