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Vivi Deliciis - Living Deliciously

And we're off! This is our first blog post, and if we're honest - there's some trepidation, fear and anxiety accompanying us as we embark on this verbal journey. Dawn and I have never blogged before, and 10 minutes ago this website didn't even have a blog. A quick search, a few button clicks, hands-over-eyes just in case whatever happened next was unintended, et voila! We now have a blog, and with this blog comes the responsibility to say something of interest. To somebody. Somewhere.

Our title, the Latin "Vivi Deliciis" actually translates directly to "living in luxury". That's close enough, though we don't really see ourselves as "luxury" people. We're pretty sure Elon Musk lives in luxury. Oprah probably does. Maybe the members of the rock group Nickelback, if they still have any money left. But Dawn and I? We're just regular folk, with too many cats (all rescues), too much dust on the blades of our ceiling fans, and too few swimming pools (zero) to really be living in luxury. But then again, at least we have a roof over our heads and some bacon in the fridge, and that's more than a lot of people have, so we're not taking things for granted.

But, returning to our title, we hope this blog will give us - we and our loyal friends and customers - the opportunity to share thoughts and ideas around how to "live deliciously" whether that means talking great cinema, exotic chocolate, interesting jewelry, or ways to simply feel better and laugh more while finding the beauty in things all around us, every day.

As for the technicals - bear with us as we figure this blog thing out. When it's all done, people should be able to reply and comment and call us names and tell us what they really think of our website. But between here and there, we're flying blind!

Boyce Thompson Arboretum, Superior, Arizona

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